Todd Bracher Studio has been instrumental in guiding some the most prestigious brands around the world to realize strategic differentiation through design. The Studio was founded in 1999 and provides services to both influence its clients’ strategies as well as executing product design projects in a way that inspires the marketplace and elevates brand position. Todd Bracher Studio has worked with clients such 3M, Herman Miller, Jaguar, Humanscale, Burberry, New York City and Cappellini.

Design must be Informed

Design is not an abstract process. We begin by developing a nuanced and complete understanding of the market opportunity. Our research is extensive and mission-critical, a deep dive into an existing brand identity, competitive landscape, cultural context, and supply chain. The truths we uncover in our research drive the design process and help us solve brand problems successfully.

Design must be Strategic

Design is not a guessing game. Our process begins with identifying a market opportunity and ends with a category-defining, unique solution that differentiates a brand in the marketplace. Our designs succeed because our creativity is driven by research, strategy, materials, and market realities.

Design must be Expert

A multidisciplinary approach to problem solving allows us to tackle challenges throughout the development process, from ideation through production and marketing, with expertise. We have built a network of 19 experts, vanguards of their respective fields, to research and execute tailored solutions to business problems. Anthropologists, engineers, physicists, and even poets have a seat at our drafting table.

Design must be Relevant

Whether it lives in the marketplace or a museum, every design has a context. Our process drives us to create solutions that are deeply connected to contemporary culture and that resonate, intellectually and emotionally, with clients in the real world.


Strategic Design Advisory

Opportunity Discovery / Creative Direction / Strategic Partnerships / Market Intelligence

Together with analysts, forecasters, and industry experts, we identify market trends and opportunities, and develop strategies we can leverage through design. We collaborate with businesses to focus their product strategy, establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Product Design

Ideation / Design & Development / Manufacturing Support

We design products with the intent to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our designs are not simply aesthetically pleasing; business objectives, market trends and manufacturing opportunities are equally important for our work to become successful.

Launch Support

Event Design / Art Direction / Graphic & Digital Design

We enhance the value of our designs by offering our clients communications capabilities to ensure successful launches and brand positioning. As needed – and in a close collaboration with the teams of our clients – we can also provide world-class graphic and digital design, art direction, and event design services.


We use a portion of our time to push ourselves and test the boundaries of our design philosophy by exploring ideas and discovering materials and simply to have fun.


  • 3M
  • Burberry
  • Cappellini
  • Cartier
  • Ceccotti
  • Datesweiser
  • David Design
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Dupont
  • Dux
  • Elica
  • Eva Danmark
  • Fortuna Valentino
  • Frighetto
  • Fritz Hansen
  • Georg Jensen
  • Habitat
  • HBF
  • Hearth & Home
  • Herman Miller
  • Holmegaard
  • IDEE
  • Issey Miyake
  • Italesse
  • Jaguar Cards
  • Kundalini
  • Liv'it
  • Lucien Pellat-finet
  • Mater
  • Pearl Lam
  • Pour Annick
  • Serralunga
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Shiseido
  • Skitsch
  • Tom Dixon
  • Triode Gallery
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Zanotta
  • Zero
  • Zero First
  • New York City

  • About Todd Bracher

    Todd Bracher is a award winning, critically acclaimed industrial designer and design strategist, based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the founder and Creative Director of Todd Bracher Studio.

    Over the past 20 years, Todd Bracher has collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands around the world. Named a global design influencer by Wallpaper* Magazine (2015) and Designer of the Year (2015 & 2016), Todd Bracher has helped a wide range of businesses realize strategic differentiation through design.

    Born and raised in New York, Todd Bracher graduated from the Pratt Institute’s industrial design program in 1996 and earned his MFA in interior and furniture design at the Danish Design School in 2000. Bracher spent 10 years in Europe, working and studying in Copenhagen, Milan, London and Paris.


    I.D. Design Award
    I.D. Design Award
    I.D. Design Award
    The 21st Century SOFA Design
    The 21st Century SOFA Design
    UNESCO Design 21
    Winnipeg Prize for Urban Development
    IDEE Design Award
    IDEE Design Award
    Promosedia Design Award
    Design Report Award
    International Designer of the Year nomination
    International Designer of the Year nomination
    International Designer of the Year nomination
    Best New Brand
    Rising Star Award
    NeoCon Gold Award
    NeoCon Gold Award
    NeoCon Gold Award
    NeoCon Gold Award
    HD Expo Excellence in lighting
    NeoCon Innovation Award
    Product of the Year
    Product innovations Award
    Lamp of the Year
    Best New Designer
    Best of the Best
    NeoCon Silver Award
    International Designer of the Year


    "Todd's Balanced approach blends 3M's strengths with market opportunities, with honest strategic solution while pushing the bounds of what's possible."
    Byron Trotter
    Global Design Manager
    “SodaStream innovation & design are revolving around perfecting user experience and finding the right combination between functional & emotional aspects. Todd Bracher is a designer that has this in heart and in mind. The cooperation with Todd was natural for me and for the brand and we are looking forward to the next joined project.“
    Yaron Kopel
    Chief innovation & Design Officer
    “Humanscale believes in simplicity and honest aesthetics derived from function. Todd understands that. His designs are elegant and functional, resulting in an intuitive interaction, destined for market success”
    Robert King
    CEO & Founder
    “Todd’s projects are timeless, ready to accompany us in the house and in the office. They are beautiful, functional, intelligent and therefore a perfect blend of contemporary design.”
    Giulio Cappellini
    CEO & Founder
    “We approached Todd Bracher to discuss a collaboration based on the poetry of his work. We decided to work with Todd because of the strong chemistry that quickly developed with our team. Not only does Todd have a strong design vision, his unique ability to communicate tell relevant design stories, is what I believe makes him unique and one of today's leading voices in design.”
    John Stephens
    VP Marketing
    Shaw Contract Group


    Todd Bracher discusses his Design Process of 'Irreducible Complexity' at Shanghai’s Orgatec
    Shanghai, China, 2014
    Lecture — Todd discusses his Design Process of 'Irreducible
    NeoCon Keynote Speaker
    Chicago, USA, 2014
    Lecture — At the industries biggest stage, Todd discusses his Design Process of 'Irreducible Complexity
    Introducing Trea
    Denver, USA, 2014
    Talk — Todd discusses his Design Process of 'Irreducible
    Interview with Todd Bracher & John Edelman, CEO of DWR
    New York, USA, 2012
    Talk — Todd & John Discuss the state of design and the American Market.
    ‘The Home Front’
    Museum of Art Design, New York, USA, 2011
    Lecture — Moderated by Interior Design magazine editor Annie Block, designers Dror Benshetrit and Todd Bracher will join Pratt Institute Professor of Industrial Design Mark Goetz on how they navigated their own path to success. A portfolio review for students and alumni with the designers will follow
    Truth in Design with Todd Bracher
    ABC Home, New York, USA, 2013
    Event — Inspired by nature’s process of natural selection, Bracher approaches Design in a unique way by building an ecosystem of values that results in a singular, essential solution. Structure and form are evolved rather than Designed.
    The “Power of Design”
    92 Y Tribeca, New York, USA, 2011
    Lecture — IIDA NY is pleased to open the 2011 Pioneering Design Lecture Series with Todd Bracher
    Norge Frokost TV / Oslo
    Oslo, Norway, 2008
    Television — Todd’s discusses his collaboration with Mater
    Cappellini celebrates 50 years
    New York, USA, 2014
    Talk — Giulio Cappellini, Todd Bracher + Sebastian Errazuriz discuss minimalism to celebrate the 50 Year anniversary of AG Fronzoni
    Design Icons
    New York, USA, 2012
    Talk — Design Icons talk: Giulio Cappellini, Todd Bracher, Nendo & Dror Benshetrit.
    Rockwell group
    New York, USA, 2011
    Talk — Todd Discusses Design at the Rockwell Group
    Revealing the Designer’s Mind
    Philadelphia, USA, 2010
    Lecture — Todd Bracher will reveal the methods he uses to pare objects down to their essence, research forms and materials, and create designs based on a philosophy of user experience.
    Live web chat
    www, 2010
    Talk — Dupont Corian hold a live web chat with Todd Bracher
    Todd Bracher
    Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2009
    Lecture — Lecture series presents ‘Todd Bracher’
    Todd Bracher by Georg Jensen + Fritz Hansen
    New York, USA, 2009
    Lecture — Todd Bracher by Georg Jensen + Fritz Hansen
    The Story of Todd Bracher
    Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2008
    Lecture — The Story of Todd Bracher


    Professor of Design
    Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design, Reims, France
    Guest Professor of Design
    Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
    Guest critique
    Parsons School of Design, New York
    Guest critique
    Pratt Institute, New York