From Kitchen to table
Eva Danmark
As we developed our kitchenware collection for Eva Danmark, we researched how tools are used in the kitchen, and identified a tremendous opportunity for differentiation. We discovered there are two sets of tools typically in the home: one set for cooking and preparation, and another set for serving. Could we make cookware beautiful enough to be used for serving, too?

Tools for Eva Danmark

We set about refining the design and construction of these familiar objects until only their bare forms remained, using the absolute minimum of materials and assembly—theorizing that once reduced to its essential form, each tool would reveal its inherent beauty. The result is Tools.

Formed from one piece of stainless sheet steel with a silicone grip, the Tools collection is economical, durable, functional, and beautiful enough to serve as well. Tools embodies our novel “kitchen to table” concept and creates a unique selling proposition in a crowded marketplace for Eva.

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