Flexibility for the Modern Market
In helping HBF assess the market for open-plan office design, our research showed that many spaces were plagued by awkward, leftover areas. Meanwhile, younger employees were using open-plan furniture in unexpected, creative ways. We set out to design a system that was at home in this world. It would have to be lightweight, easy to mix, match, and move around—and it should naturally encourage the world of social, collaborative, creative work.

Triscape for HBF

The friendly rounded triangles of Triscape are designed to fill spaces of any size and shape. Easy to move and arrange, Triscape encourages a freeform relationship with space, allowing the system to adjust to the needs of the employees who use it. Built with maximum flexibility and adaptability in mind, Triscape can scale to fill any office plan without sacrificing its distinctive language. An upholstered bench can incorporate a work surface for a laptop. Or a hardwood table can incorporate an upholstered seat.

Triscape differentiates HBF in the market, where its playful approach and maximum configurability matches a contemporary market need.

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  • NeoCon Gold Award 2014