The Invention of Glare-free Light
Our objective was to showcase the best-in-class optical engineering while creating a uniquely marketable entry for the architectural sector. So we started the project with a dream: was it possible to create a light completely free of glare? Such a light would be incredibly desirable in the hospitality industry. Such a task would require the unique material and optical capabilities.

Vessel for Humanscale

Working backwards from this lofty goal in close collaboration with physicists, we concealed an LED light source above a finely-tuned quartz cylinder, shaped to refract the light downward without letting it escape. The result is strikingly new: a supremely balanced and even light, emanating from a beautiful, minimal, essentialist object. Vessel doesn’t resemble a light source as much as it evokes a magical container of light. Available in a variety of sizes, clusters, and chandeliers, Vessel made a splash in the world of design, took the architectural lighting market by storm, and lit the way forward for Humanscale.

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  • Best of NeoCon Gold
  • Interior Design HIP Award
  • Interior Design Best of Year Award
  • Design Journal & Archinteriors Best Product
  • Architectural Products Innovative Products Award
  • Interiors & Sources Award
  • Architizier A+ Award